July 11, 2015

Two down, three more to go!

It's been a little over a month past the official end of the most academically challenging year in the UP College of Medicine's Organ System Integration (OSI) curriculum. Due to the ultra fast turnover of modules and events, I've been having difficulty summing up the past school year. As I try to recall the blur that happened, I say that I like it better than the 1st year. I felt more calm, more adjusted.

I wouldn't lie. I was chronically stressed with only acute episodes of relief. I was exhausted most of the time, almost always lacking the energy to care about what was happening around me. What bugged me down wasn't just the academic stress as I am not merely an academic robot. I have relationships to maintain, some extracurricular activities to deal with, and my personal well-being to take care of. I had to chose my battles.

Through the ups and downs of my 2nd year in medical school, I realized that in order to keep on improving, I have to learn to accept my strengths and weaknesses. To be happy and contented, I have to stop comparing myself with others. To keep on going, I must always remember my WHY.

A year ago I've only been imagining how I would ever survive my second year in med. Now I've gone through it and I must say, it wasn't bad. Most of what I studied for exams have already left my limited brain but the life lessons brought by the most pressing moments remained.

I thank God for seeing me through, guiding my every step even if I was doubtful and disobedient most of the time. God showed me that He is faithful even if I'm not. I'm optimistic about what's coming because I know that whatever happens, God will be with me.

Two years down, three more years to go! (and 3-5 more for residency, and n years more for fellowship, wooooh! come'on!) Still a long long way don't you think? No need to stress (well... at least not yet). I've got no other goal for now but to enjoy what remains of my summer!

El Nido, Palawan
El Nido, Palawan


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