August 8, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

BSLR West:
our main classroom this year
This week is our first week in school and at last, after a very challenging and troubled enrollment (due to the shift to a new online registration system), we're all back from our 4-month summer break! It's exciting to be back in school, seeing your friends again, catching up, asking the classic question "what did you do last summer?". However, it's a bummer to be back in our uniforms, sitting in lecture halls and listening for hours of lessons. Actually, I wouldn't really want to complain, at least not yet, because this week's been pretty chill. No hardcore medical lessons, just some creative reporting and no-pressure lectures. That's why I can't help but feel like I'm experiencing the calm before the storm.
Lady Med
A replica of
Rizal's "The Triumph of Science Over Death"
In front of UPCM's Calderon Hall

I don't think they call LU4 (Learning unit 4, or 2nd year med proper. Guess what 1st year is called?Right! LU3) as HelLU4 for nothing. I've heard that it will be weekly exams and hardcore studying for us this year. A year-long storm with intermittent breaks, it may seem. Surprisingly, I feel at peace and joyful right now even if school has already started. Maybe it's because there was not much pressure this week. Whatever the reason, I hope I'll feel the same despite the imminent trials and tests that are coming. 

At the moment, I don't have a concrete plan of how to get through, but I believe that the incoming turmoil will only lead me to a breakthrough. Masochistic it may seem, to be willing to endure such trouble, knowing that the toxicity will only get worse as one goes further in his pursuit of a profession in medicine (at least that's what our lecturer this afternoon told us). However, I can't really think of doing anything else that would make me feel as fulfilled as I think I would when I'll become a doctor.

I was grateful when I got accepted in this institution and I am even more grateful that I'm still here. All glory to God brought me where I am, and who, I believe will bring me further.


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