August 12, 2013

Next Chapter: Medical School

Ever wondered what has happened to me? Well, Medical School - that's what happened to me. It's been so long since I've posted anything on this blog and that's because medical school abducted me from the rest of the world. For the past 2 months, I've done nothing but to try to survive it.

Before medical school started, I had this general plan of what I'm going to do in medical school - more fun, less work. I envisioned myself enjoying my independence, balancing acads and socials, continuing my hobbies, and even continue writing in this blog! But, almost none of that has happened/ is happening. In fact, even before medical school, I was already busy with the preparations (moving in, enrollment, etc.), that I was not even able to finish my bucket list (10 Things I want to do before medical school starts). Sad as it may be, the bucket list's accomplishment remains a dream. My attempt of squeezing in fun in the last weeks of my year off failed and I'm here now battling with medical school.

So, now that I've finally started medical school, what's been going on? Well honestly, nothing's going on, really. I've been struggling to adjust in a whole new environment, trying to get a grip of my study habits, coping up with a tremendous amount of work load, and trying to fit as much rest as I could. Medical school did not turn out as I thought it would. Yes, everyone said it would be hard, and I believed them. But, I never thought it would be THIS HARD. I know I'm still on my first year, and things will get even more difficult. Knowing that, I can't imagine how difficult DIFFICULT would be!

Before medical school, every time I was asked why I wanted to become a doctor, without any doubt, I would answer that it's because I've always wanted to become one. However, now that I'm actually in medical school, I could not give the same answer anymore. What I could say is that at least I thought I wanted to become a doctor. However, whether I'm enjoying it or not, I'm certain that God placed me here. I have faith that He'll get me through this and that's the major reason why I'm staying. So far, even if things did not work out as I imagined them to, God's grace is sufficient to keep my alive and sane.

So, what does this mean? Well, this means only one thing. Because of Medical School's demand on my time, I can no longer promise to post consistently on this blog. Thinking of it saddens me because I've really poured out so much effort on this during the summer. I also don't think I can conform to a format, or make a formal posting schedule or anything rigid. In spite of that, I hope that you'll stick with me and my blog. For those blogs I follow, I'll also try my best to read your entries as much as I could.

Hopefully my next post would not be for long, and hopefully in my succeeding posts, I will have better news.

Before ending, I have a message to all my fellow medical students out there. If you are struggling and adjusting, I just want to let you know that you are not alone. Hopefully we can all adjust and thrive in medical school...SOON! :)


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