October 7, 2015

How medical students see food

(c) Hannah for the photo. Actually this is her food and her idea :)

Is it just me or does this Surfer's Delight from Shrimp Shack has some medical resemblance? Ischemic or hemorrhagic? You pick :)

September 30, 2015

To the clinics!

If they say that the 2nd year’s the most academically challenging year in our curriculum, then the 3rd year or the ICC (Introduction to Clinical Clerkship) year is dubbed the most benign. This year, we will be introduced to clinics as we rotate under the different specialties in the Out-Patient Department (OPD). Finally, after 2 years of sitting inside the classroom with only occasional clinical exposures during ward works, and OSCEs, we’re now in the clinics (with occasional sitting inside the classroom).

While I’m happy to be done with endless lectures and exams, I’m also anxious. We have patients to see, procedures to perform, and doctors to answer to, and I’m not quite sure how those things will go.

My idea of what this year will be like is still vague but I’m really hoping that it’s as benign as they say. I wish to record the events as we rotate in the clinics so that by the end of the year, you’ll be the judge.

This will be the first, and hopefully not the last entry during my ICC year. I’m definitely looking forward to sharing stories with you!

September 21, 2015

Best of "Things you should know before medical school" articles

This posy picture of mine was taken one boring afternoon, back in April 2011. I was trying to prepare for the NMAT that week. Back then, I was merely a BS Biology student hoping and praying to ace the NMAT to give me a higher chance of getting a highly coveted slot in the UP College of Medicine. 4 years later, here I am, a 3rd year medical student in the UPCM. I thank God and give him credit for this privilege. However, there are things I wish the innocent me knew, before I took the plunge! It couldn't have changed my decision of doing medical school but it could have helped me struggle less.

Deciding to go to medical school is one thing, getting into medical school is another. The most difficult part of all is actually finishing it. Wether you're contemplating about going to med school, actively trying to get into med school, or recently started, I hope this post will help prepare you for what's coming. You'll never be prepared enough, but at least you've been warned!

In this post I have listed 5 articles with the theme "things you should know before medical school" that, based on my experience are most applicable in the Philippines. Although I do not agree with all that's listed, all of them have really good points. I could have made a list myself but, there are too many of these all over the internet.

September 11, 2015

Burning candles

I'm back to burning candles,
And can't help but ask,
Why take this kind of hardship?
Why make life so tough?

After some time of thinking,
The conclusion is - 
This  one's for you, my patients.
I hope you'll know this.

To my future patients, from your would-be doctor.

July 11, 2015

Two down, three more to go!

It's been a little over a month past the official end of the most academically challenging year in the UP College of Medicine's Organ System Integration (OSI) curriculum. Due to the ultra fast turnover of modules and events, I've been having difficulty summing up the past school year. As I try to recall the blur that happened, I say that I like it better than the 1st year. I felt more calm, more adjusted.

I wouldn't lie. I was chronically stressed with only acute episodes of relief. I was exhausted most of the time, almost always lacking the energy to care about what was happening around me. What bugged me down wasn't just the academic stress as I am not merely an academic robot. I have relationships to maintain, some extracurricular activities to deal with, and my personal well-being to take care of. I had to chose my battles.

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