May 6, 2014

Davao Crocodile Park on a Wednesday

(c) Ken Cruzado
Though I've partially lived in Davao City since I was 9 y.o., I've only been to Davao Crocodile Park once. It was long before Crocodile Park got its current look. It was so long ago I could barely remember. Because of that, it had to be in our itinerary.

April 28, 2014

Mati, Davao Oriental - Pacific Ocean's Sleeping Dinosaur

In my last post (RSO Bukidnon Summer Immersion 2014: No Dull Moments), I described to you the happenings in our Bukidnon/CDO adventure. It was a wonderful action-packed trip, but for Divine, Cherry and I, our adventure did not end there. Our 9-hour trip to Davao was just the beginning of yet another exploration for we were bound for Mati, Davao Oriental the next day. 
Divine and Cherry’s Davao to Cebu flight was on April 17, so while waiting for their flight, I accommodated them in our humble home. After our bus ride, we went straight home, prepared our stuff for the next day, and rested.

Early the next day, we (my family + Divine and Cherry) set forth for Mati, approximately 3 hours away. Most of us slept the whole ride and woke up just before our first stop - picture taking with Mati's Sleeping Dinosaur.

April 22, 2014

RSO Bukidnon Summer Immersion Program: No Dull Moments!

Almost a week ago, one of the most awesome trips of my life officially ended. In two and a half weeks, I was able to experience so much! No Dull Moments, as my co-Bukidnoners (I, Nash, Therese, Divine, Aina, Cherry and Jab) would say.

Meet the group :)

The official date for the immersion-proper was April 7-11, but our trip lasted a lot longer because of the side trips we took. We explored not just Bukidnon, but also CDO. Aside from our immersion in Bukidnon, RSO also had simultaneous immersions in Batanes, Polilio Quezon, and Quezon Quezon. I'm sure those who immersed in other areas also had a wonderful time.

In this entry, I will give you a glimpse of how our Bukidnon/CDO trip went. I'll try my best to relay to you our adventures concisely, without sacrificing accuracy. 

Warning: This post is extremely long and image-heavy, but please stay with me.

January 25, 2014

Congratulations UPCM 2019 Interview Qualifiers!

(c) UPCM Class 2018 FOP Committee
The UPCM 2019 interview qualifiers' list was released yesterday and I only found out about it last night as I was checking my facebook news feed before going to sleep. To all those who qualified, congratulations! You're most probably both thrilled and nervous! I'm excited for you :) Anyway, do well in your interviews! May the Lord bless you and direct your next steps!