April 21, 2015

Congratulations UP College of Medicine batch 2020!

The results finally went out yesterday! Congratulations for those who made it through the whole UP College of Medicine application process! Congratulations UPCM class 2020! See you next school year! :)

For inquiries, contact the Admissions Office, telephone no.: (02) 536 1368

Disclaimer: This is not the official copy of the UP College of Medicine Admission Results. I did my best to check and countercheck but being human I might have some errors, e.g. typo. Just comment below so that I can correct. :) 

April 2, 2015

Movie Must Watch: Home (2015)

Two days ago, my sister showed me this trailer of DreamWork's latest animated film - HOME (2015). She invited me to go watch with her in the cinema but I was hesitant to spend for a movie pass because I'm trying to save up for a new laptop. She insisted on watching and offered to pay for my movie pass. Thank God she did because I certainly enjoyed watching Home on 3D! It's a wonderful family movie, entertaining and full of cute surprises! Featuring Big Bang Theory's Sheldon (Jim Parsons) as Oh, Rihanna as Tip and Jennifer Lopez as "My Mom", here is DreamWork's Home!

March 26, 2015

Coffee Break

From the stories I've told people around me, a lot have said that I'm a thinker. I couldn't agree more with them. Most of the time, my mind's on overdrive and the amount of thoughts runining could get overwhelming! If you add medical school's stress to that, I end sup with an overworked brain. It's true that I spend a lot of time thinking, but am I thinking of the right things?

March 19, 2015

3 Simple principles that can make each day in medical school livable

It's weird how time in medical school both creeps and flies. Lecture by lecture, time seems to inch like a caterpillar on a leaf, but before you know it, it's Friday - exam day comes again! It wasn't long ago when I was merely imagining how I would ever survive the most academically (I emphasize the word academically because I feel that beyond our level, the challenge would be more clinical) challenging year in medical school - 2nd year, but now, I'm more than half way through.

2014's over and we're 2 months and 19 days into 2015. As I've spent the last couple of days in reflection,  some evergreen principles came to me.

March 10, 2015

UPCM 2020 Interview Qualifiers, Congratulations!

So the results went out yesterday and I just found out about it when I checked facebook today. HAHA! Days ago, someone messaged me inquiring this and I promised him I would post it if ever it comes out. Most if not all have found out about the results already but I'm still posting it anyway. Congratulations 2020 Interview Qualifiers! One more push for the application process! Do well and impress your interviewers! God bless! :)

(Interviews are scheduled at the Admissions Office, telephone no.: (02) 536 1368)